The Aquitaine Coastal Observatory, in which BRGM is a stakeholder, is renewing its website. A newsletter will be available from the beginning of the summer.
8 June 2017
Homepage of the new website for the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory

Homepage of the new website for the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory. 

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Created in 1996, the role of the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory is to provide coastal stakeholders with a scientific and technical tool to help them make decisions for the management and prevention of coastal risks. The challenge: to support sustainable development strategies so as to take into account the changing shape of the coastline and the richness of its natural heritage while adapting to climate change.

BRGM is one of the two technical operators of this observatory, along with the French National Forest Office (ONF).

The new version of the Observatory's website was unveiled in early May. It has been designed to make it easier for Internet users to navigate around it and to provide the most complete presentation possible of the Aquitaine coastline and its different environments, as well as the latest news concerning that coastline. The existing features have been retained (interactive cartography, access to the data catalogue and publications of the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory).

A new newsletter for coastal stakeholders and the general public

At the same time as the launch of its redesigned website, the first issue of the new newsletter of the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory will be published in early summer 2017. This external electronic newsletter is intended for everyone (partners, all those for whom the coastline is important, civil society, journalists, general public, etc.) to stay informed about the activities of the Aquitaine coastal network.

You can subscribe to the Aquitaine Observatory newsletter directly on the home page of the site.

The Aquitaine Coastal Observatory

In charge of monitoring erosion and submersion throughout the Aquitaine region, the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory is run by two operators, BRGM and the ONF, and financed by Europe (ERDF), the State, the New Aquitaine Region, the Gironde, Landes, and Pyrénées-Atlantiques départements, and the Syndicat intercommunal du bassin d'Arcachon (SIBA). The Observatory works closely with the GIP Littoral Aquitain and the universities of Bordeaux (EPOC joint research unit), Pau and Pays de l'Adour (SIAME laboratory) and the Centre de la mer de Biarritz (ERMMA programme).