Mineralinfo, the French portal on non-energy mineral resources, which disseminates publications by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and BRGM, has just been completely redesigned.
21 October 2021
Mineralinfo, the dissemination portal of the French Mineral Raw Materials Network.

Mineralinfo, the dissemination portal of the French Mineral Raw Materials Network.

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The Mineralinfo portal disseminates public information and raises awareness of the issues related to non-energy mineral resources (metals, industrial minerals and construction materials).

Facilitating public access to key information on the mineral resources sector

First put on line in 2014, this website, intended for all institutional and economic actors as well as the general public, has just been completely redesigned. Its user-friendly features have been redesigned to facilitate public access to a range of renewed content on several key themes in the sector:

  • mineral resources in France and their management,
  • securing of supplies for the economy,
  • responsible procurement,
  • recycling and the circular economy,
  • research, innovation and training.

The site provides access to various resources and data on raw materials and their natural environment and regulatory framework: it features Ecomine newsletters presenting analyses and reviews of key metal markets for many sectors of the global economy, market overviews and criticality sheets for raw materials, mementos on industrial rocks and minerals, quarry diagrams, etc.

The portal for the French Mineral Raw Materials Network

Mineralinfo provides public information from the French data network on mineral raw materials, which includes contributions from government departments, companies, professional federations and technical organisations.

The network collects information and makes it available to decision-makers and the general public to ensure that France has a reliable and adequate supply of mineral resources to meet the needs of its industry at costs that are acceptable from an economic, energy and environmental perspective.