BRGM has won an #activateurdeprogres award from Agefiph for its work aimed at supporting the inclusion of employees with disabilities.
2 April 2021
BRGM has received an award from Agefiph

BRGM has received an award from Agefiph in 2021 as part of its #activateurdeprogres programme, in the "Activator of job stability & professional development" category, in which Vinci also received an award.

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Agefiph is a French association whose role is to promote the professional inclusion, retention and career development of disabled people in companies. Its #activateurdeprogres award scheme acknowledges companies and individuals who are actively involved in helping disabled people find and remain in employment.

The scheme is now in its second year and BRGM won an award for its work in promoting job stability for employees with disabilities.

The #activateurdeprogres award ceremony took place on 29 March 2021, during the Université du réseau des référents handicap (Conference of the French Network of Disability Correspondents) in Lyon. The jury of the #activateurdeprogres award scheme got together during a videoconference to announce the list of 12 exemplary, innovative initiatives promoting the employment of people with disabilities.

BRGM wins an award in the "Activator of job stability & professional development" category

The "Activator of job stability & professional development" category, in which BRGM won first prize, covers all the different types of initiatives implemented to ensure disabled people can remain in employment, develop their careers, address situations linked to disabilities and improve their daily life at work.

BRGM presented its job stability policy, which was introduced in 2015 following the signature of a company-wide agreement. This proactive policy aims to provide ongoing support to disabled employees in order to adapt their workstations to their situations, with a long-term view, in partnership with the Disability Unit, the occupational physician and Cap Emploi.

Employment and disability at BRGM

BRGM has an active policy in favour of employing persons with disabilities.

In 5 years, the disability employment rate at BRGM rose from 2.05% in 2015 to 5.55% in 2019, not far from the regulatory target of 6%.

BRGM has signed the Inclusive Business Charter, which is part of the national initiative entitled "La France, une chance, les entreprises s'engagent" (France, an opportunity, businesses commit).

Every job at BRGM is open to people with disabilities.