BRGM's website for Éduthèque has been completely redesigned to facilitate access to its educational resources for teachers and their students. 
20 September 2019
The BRGM Éduthèque website homepage

The BRGM Éduthèque website homepage. 


BRGM, the French geological service, participates in Eduthèque, the portal of the Ministry of National Education, which offers teachers and students free access to educational, cultural and scientific resources.

Resources for teaching Earth sciences, history and geography

The BRGM Eduthèque website has just been completely redesigned. It provides free and downloadable educational resources for teaching Earth sciences, history and geography.

On the menu of this new website you will find: educational videos, films on jobs in geoscience, podcasts, diagrams of different geological phenomena, educational exhibitions, geological maps and 3D models, in the fields of geology, mineral resources, water, natural hazards, geothermics and the environment.

Access is now open to students via their teachers

To access the resources free of charge, a teacher must first register with a professional email address. All the resources can then be used in their entirety (texts, sound recordings, videos, etc.)

The new BRGM Eduthèque site has now also opened its resources to students, who can access them through a class account set up by a teacher.