Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, BRGM has reorganised to ensure that its activities continue running smoothly while protecting its staff and the public. 
In the context of the current health crisis in France, BRGM has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all its scientific, technical and administrative activities continue to be carried out by adapting its organisation and working methods.
27 March 2020
Measures to protect yourself and others against Coronavirus

Measures to protect yourself and others against Coronavirus.

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More than 900 employees working from home

Thanks to the commitment of BRGM staff and as part of its Business Continuity Plan (BCP), an extensive teleworking scheme has been set up. Of the 1000 employees in the establishment, more than 900 are now working from home.

The necessary resources (particularly IT) were deployed in a few days, starting on 12 March for vulnerable personnel, then gradually extended to all employees whose activity allows it, during the week that began on 16 March. The digital transformation of the establishment, which began in 2015, has naturally given us a head start for implementing telework.

Travel and on-site activities limited to essential missions

Essential activities requiring someone on the spot or subject to requisition by the authorities are being maintained for the entire establishment in mainland France, its overseas territories and internationally, in compliance with regulatory obligations, while taking any measures necessary to protect the staff concerned.

In BRGM’s laboratories, activity is being adjusted to the context, however the maintenance and monitoring of equipment continues in order to be able to respond as quickly as possible to any emergency.

Active staff are available for partners and clients

Attentive to the needs of its stakeholders, BRGM invites its partners and customers to get in touch with their usual contacts, preferably by e-mail, for any questions relating to current operations.

Depending on how the general situation evolves, BRGM will adapt its arrangements and inform everyone of any new measures which may be taken.

A crisis unit has been on alert since the end of February

Since 26 February, BRGM has set up a crisis management team to protect its staff, plan for what to do next depending on the course the outbreak will take, and ensure that its business and essential activities continue as smoothly as possible.

It convenes several times a week, with a smaller executive team working full time.