The French Geological Survey's website, which went online in January 2021, won a prize at this year's Top Com Grands Prix Corporate Business awards.
22 April 2022
Remise des prix des Top Com Grands Prix Corporate Business, le 14 avril 2022 à Paris. De gauche à droite : Jean-Philippe Orsini, directeur commercial associé de Softeam Agency, Aude Rouger-Loiseau, chargée de la communication digitale du BRGM, et Pierre Vassal, responsable de la Communication, de la Médiation scientifique et des Éditions du BRGM.

The Top Com Grands Prix Corporate Business awards ceremony on 14 April 2022 in Paris. From left to right: Jean-Philippe Orsini, Sales Director and Associate at Softeam Agency, Aude Rouger-Loiseau, BRGM's Digital Communication Manager, and Pierre Vassal, BRGM's Communication and Scientific Mediation Manager and Head of Les Éditions du BRGM (BRGM's Publishing Branch).

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On 14 April, BRGM and Softeam Agency were awarded a "Silver Top Com" in the Website category at the 2022 Top Com Grands Prix Corporate Business awards.

The Top Com Corporate Business awards are given out each year to the best communication operations, designed to promote a company's image to the broadest possible audiences. The jury is made up of communication professionals and the awards cover some thirty categories.

A journey into the world beneath our feet for all the different audiences that follow the work of the French Geological Survey

BRGM (the French Geological Survey) is the French public institution responsible for Earth Science applications. In 2021, it redesigned its website to better meet the expectations of its various audiences: public-sector partners and local authorities, businesses, researchers, students, teachers and pupils, journalists, associations and private individuals.

With its completely redesigned content and browsing experience, the new website enables visitors to journey into the depths of the subsurface and discover BRGM's wide-ranging expertise and the world of geology.

Produced and developed by Softeam Agency, the website aims to fulfil several objectives:

  • Promote BRGM's strategic positioning and areas of expertise in response to six major societal challenges: geology and knowledge of the subsurface; management of groundwater management; natural risks and spatial planning; mineral resources and the circular economy; subsurface potential for the energy transition, digital data, services and infrastructures.
  • Present the BRGM's solutions to its public and private partners and customers.
  • Publicise the institution's news and scientific results.
  • Share knowledge about Earth sciences with a wide audience.
  • Promote BRGM as an employer.

In 2014, the BRGM website was awarded a "Gold Top Com" for its previous redesign.