On 8 February 2023, BRGM and Suez renewed their scientific and industrial partnership agreement on water and the environment for a further 5 years.
9 February 2023

The agreement signed on 8 February 2023 by Suez and BRGM aims to take advantage of their complementarity in the domains of water and the environment. It reflects the will of both organisations to strengthen and sustain their existing cooperation in the long term by providing a general framework for their collaboration.

R&D projects on eight themes

Signed for a period of 5 years, BRGM and Suez aim through this agreement to jointly undertake R&D projects and develop new applications, products or concepts around eight major themes:

  • groundwater resources,
  • recycling of materials,
  • metrology,
  • emerging pollutants, isotope analysis,
  • geothermal energy,
  • carbon capture and storage (CCUS, CO2, H2),
  • polluted soils and sediments, remediation,
  • post-mining rehabilitation of mining sites.