BRGM and SGP have signed a new partnership agreement to enable them to meet more effectively the challenges involved in exploiting the immediate subsurface in the context of spatial planning in the Ile-de-France region.
7 April 2023

As a continuation of the R&D partnership signed in 2020, BRGM and the Société du Grand Paris (SGP), in charge of implementing the future Grand Paris Express metro, wish to strengthen their scientific partnership over the long term.

To this end, Christophe Poinssot, acting Chair and Managing Director of BRGM, and Jean-François Monteils, Chairman of the Management Board of SGP, signed a new partnership agreement between the two organisations on 4 April 2023.

Making better use of immediate sub-surface data for spatial planning

This agreement aims to make data on the subsurface collected for the Grand Paris Express project available for improving knowledge of the ground and subsurface through scientific research programmes.

The challenge is to make better use of the data for the critical zone (from 0 to 200 metres) of the immediate subsurface in order to provide innovative responses to the various scientific, technical and societal challenges in terms of spatial planning and management of the Ile-de-France region, including:

  • drinking water supply,
  • flood risk management,
  • water quality,
  • geothermal energy,
  • geotechnology,
  • etc.

Two agreements for the provision of geological data

On 4 April 2023, two agreements were signed between BRGM and SGP:

  • One relating to the provision of data on the Grand Paris Express, with more precisely:
    • access to SGP's SONGE database, which contains all the data from surveys carried out during design and/or construction phases;
    • access to SGP's core library, which contains all of the samples taken during these borehole surveys.
  • The other relating to the inclusion of borehole data from the SONGE database in BRGM's subsurface bank (BSS - Banque du Sous-Sol).