At a time when France has decided to organise a National Conference on Water (Assises de l'eau), BRGM is providing its expertise in geosciences to deploy a sustainable, integrated water-management system.
15 November 2018
Cover of Issue 35 of the Géorama magazine

Cover of Issue 35 of the Géorama magazine. 


Freshwater resources – a third of which come from below ground – are truly vital, but they are unevenly distributed across the Earth and threatened by global climate change. 

Establishing a sustainable, integrated water management system is an absolute necessity. France is actively committed to achieving this goal, as highlighted by the organisation of the National Conference on Water (Assises de l'eau) to be held in 2018. 

BRGM, an expert in groundwater resources 

As the French State's leading expert on groundwater, BRGM contributes to monitoring the nation's resources, in line with the European Water Framework Directive, and participates in research projects. It also provides support to develop public policies for managing water resources, including establishing forecasts and adaptation plans. 

The latest issue of Géorama is devoted to the sustainable, integrated management of water resources. 

Géorama No. 35