BRGM, the French geological service, has published its 2018 annual report, structured around the 6 thematic objectives of its new science strategy.
20 September 2019
Cover of BRGM Annual Report 2018

Cover of BRGM Annual Report 2018. 


In 2018 BRGM negotiated its Objectives and Performance Contract with the Government. The contract defines BRGM’s main objectives and actions for the period 2018-2022. 

A new science strategy structured around 6 thematic objectives 

In line with its objectives contract, BRGM also prepared a new science strategy in 2018, structured around 6 major geoscience issues: 

  • Geology and knowledge of the subsurface, 
  • Groundwater management 
  • Risks and spatial planning 
  • Mineral resources and the circular economy 
  • Subsurface potential for the energy transition 
  • Data, digital services and infrastructure 

These new strategic challenges are explained in this annual report, whose structure has been revised to reflect BRGM's new strategy. BRGM's ambition is to contribute through outstanding research and expertise to better management of resources and risks with respect to land and the sub-surface. 

Increased Activity in 2018 

As in 2017, BRGM's activity grew significantly (+3%) as a result of sustained demand, thanks to the hard work of all its staff. The most significant increases concern the agreements signed with local and regional authorities (+12%), the European Commission (+11.5%) and industry (+7.5%). 

Annual Report 2018