BRGM presents its 2021 annual report. As well as showing resilience during the pandemic, BRGM improved its financial performance and developed its scientific activities.
15 June 2022
BRGM 2021 Annual Report website.

BRGM 2021 Annual Report website.

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In 2021, BRGM refined its organisation, improved its financial health and strengthened its scientific engagement with partners and clients.

Resilience during the pandemic and good financial performance

Like all businesses, BRGM has learned to live with the coronavirus, consistently anticipating government health measures.

Having made significant profits in 2021, the organisation was able to approve the refurbishment of BRGM laboratories.

Strengthening scientific activities

On a scientific level, BRGM seized the opportunity to apply to calls for tenders to participate in exploratory research programmes (PEPR) commissioned by the ANR. It has already been selected to lead the OneWater Exploratory Research Programme in collaboration with CNRS and INRAE.

BRGM was involved in securing France’s supplies of strategic metals by actively contributing to a report, which led to a series of decisions announced by the government.

Learn about all of BRGM’s 2021 activities on its dedicated website

The BRGM Annual Report presents BRGM’s activities and major achievements in 2021, particularly concerning its 6 scientific and societal strategic objectives: geology and knowledge of the subsurface, groundwater management, risks and spatial planning, mineral resources and the circular economy, energy transition, data and digital infrastructures.

Annual Report 2021