BRGM presents its 2020 annual report. Despite the health crisis, the institution has recovered its financial footing and reorganised its activities to implement its new science strategy.
16 September 2021
Website dedicated to the BRGM 2020 activity report

Website dedicated to the BRGM 2020 activity report.

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As was true for all sectors, 2020 was a complicated year for BRGM due to the pandemic. The French Geological Survey has shown great resilience in adapting to the crisis.

Targets met, financial equilibrium restored

The course that had been set was maintained, and activities were generally reorganised, even though laboratory and experimental platform activities and field work, particularly abroad, were affected. This was compensated for by other types of actions for preparing projects, and also the commercial exploitation of scientific results.

The implementation of the objectives and performance contract signed with the French government has continued and BRGM is ahead of the objectives to be achieved under this contract, by the end of 2022.

In financial terms, in a difficult context, BRGM has managed to improve its situation in relation to 2019.

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The BRGM Annual Report presents its activity and major achievements in 2020, particularly concerning its 6 scientific and societal strategic objectives: geology and knowledge of the subsurface, groundwater management, risks and spatial planning, mineral resources and the circular economy, energy transition, data and digital infrastructures.

Annual Report 2020