In 2019, the French Geological Survey celebrated its 60th anniversary. Its annual report on its support for public policies reviews its remarkable projects for the year.
6 November 2020
Cover of BRGM's 2019 Report on support for public policies

Cover of BRGM's 2019 Report on support for public policies.


BRGM's public-policy support programme includes expert assessments, monitoring and studies dedicated to the development of products, processes and services for the government, local authorities, target-oriented agencies and other public institutions. It is prepared in consultation with national and local public authorities. 

Outstanding projects in 2019 

Among the remarkable projects for 2019, BRGM continued its seismic-volcanic monitoring of Mayotte through the Mayotte Volcanological and Seismological Monitoring Network (REVOSIMA) following the discovery of a new underwater volcano that had appeared off the island. Concomitantly, BRGM experts were actively involved in assessing the geothermal potential in Mayotte as well as in metropolitan France. BRGM also supported the General Directorate for Risk Prevention (DGPR) in the application of the Elan Act to prevent risks associated with the phenomenon of shrinkage and swelling of clay formations. Finally, BRGM also intervened in water resource management, particularly concerning the vulnerability of coastal aquifers to saline intrusion, an essential issue.

2019 Report on support for public policies