In 2019, BRGM, the French Geological Survey, celebrated its 60th anniversary. Its annual report looks back at the year's highlights and key results.
15 September 2020
Cover of BRGM Annual Report 2019

Cover of BRGM Annual Report 2019.


BRGM's mission involves conducting research and delivering expertise and innovation to ensure the sustainable management of France's land and subsurface resources, and the associated risks. BRGM is a public organisation, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019. It draws on its geological expertise to respond to 21st-century challenges concerning the use and management of the subsurface, such as renewable heat, energy and waste storage, developing the circular economy in terms of land and mineral use, traceability, groundwater resources, reclaiming industrial wasteland, and the management of natural risks.

2019 highlights

Among the various highlights in 2019, BRGM was involved in the discovery of a new underwater volcano off the coast of Mayotte. BRGM's experts were also actively involved in managing the earthquake in Le Teil (Ardèche, France), which occurred on 11 November 2019. BRGM also continued to renovate its scientific facilities. This notably included the commissioning of the PRIME experimental platform devoted to soil remediation techniques. The platform is the only one of its kind in Europe. Finally, the BRGM Group acquired a 40% stake in Soltracing, the first French company to provide services that secure the movement of excavated soils from one site to another in order to develop short supply chains in the field of public construction works.

Annual Report 2019

An enriched digital version

BRGM's 2019 annual report, which is distributed in paper format, is also available in an enriched digital version for greater reading comfort.

Home page of the digital version of the BRGM 2019 annual report

Home page of the digital version of the BRGM 2019 annual report.