In 2022, BRGM, like all economic players, returned to a life without Covid restrictions. The financial results were good and orders reached an all-time high.
14 June 2023
Home page of the 2022 Activity Report website.

Home page of the 2022 Activity Report website.


In a difficult geopolitical context, BRGM has been able to stay on course and be very active with respect to subsurface resources and uses. In 2022 BRGM was both recognised by the academic community and particularly visible on many societal issues.

Launching of major projects in 2022

The institution has been selected as co-pilot of two new national research programmes on the subsurface and risks: the priority research and equipment programme (PEPR) "Subsurface, a common good" and "IRiMa".

The outbreak of war in Ukraine has significantly increased concerns about national sovereignty, particularly in the areas of mineral resources and energy, with two direct implications for the institution:

  • the creation of the French Observatory of Mineral Resources for Industry (OFREMI) affiliated to BRGM,
  • the launch of a national geothermal plan to which BRGM contributed.

High expectations of BRGM on various scientific and societal issues

Finally, in the summer of 2022, during a major drought, BRGM was called upon to forecast groundwater levels. 

The new Objectives, Resources and Performance contract  between the State and BRGM for 2023-2027 includes a significant strengthening of the institution's resources, in particular in the fields of digital technology, water, energy, processes and innovation.

2023 will therefore be a year of intense activity to enable BRGM to live up to government expectations.

Learn about all of BRGM’s 2022 activities on its dedicated website

The BRGM Annual Report presents BRGM’s activities and major achievements in 2022, particularly concerning its 6 scientific and societal strategic objectives: geology and knowledge of the subsurface, groundwater management, risks and spatial planning, mineral resources and the circular economy, energy transition, data and digital infrastructures.

Annual Report 2022