BRGM is organising free training courses on how to use its tool for sizing geothermal probe fields.
Representation of a field of vertical geothermal probes

Representation of a field of vertical geothermal probes connected to a building.


Are you interested in the field of geothermal energy as a design office, engineer, installation technician or energy consultant? BRGM is organising a free training course on how to use its geothermal sizing tool, developed in partnership with ADEME.

The tool

Based on the characteristics of the building, the software determines the optimum size of the probe fields to get the best possible performance coefficient for the three main applications of a geothermal installation: heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The tool is intended for use in apartment and office buildings, and can also be used for individual houses.

The training course

This training course gives you free access to the tool, along with explanations concerning the calculation settings and configuration options. You will receive login and access codes for the tool before the sessions.

Course programme

  • Presentation of the local geothermal context,
  • Presentation of the tool,
  • Practical exercise, using the software directly.

The courses will take place in 100% digital format in 5 cities.

  • Paris: 15 March 2021, 2pm-5pm
  • Paris: 16 March 2021, 2pm-5pm
  • Rennes: 18 March 2021, 9am-12pm
  • Rouen: 19 March 2021, 9am-12pm
  • Orléans: 22 March 2021, 2pm-5pm
  • Clermont-Ferrand: 23 March 2021, 9am-12pm