BRGM is a partner of the Pollutec Trade Fair to be held in Lyon, from 10 to 13 October 2023. BRGM, the French Geological Survey, will have a stand and will be organising several conferences.

The environmental and energy solutions trade fair

The Pollutec trade fair is known to be the most important event for environmental professionals. It is also a showcase for environmental solutions for industry, cities and regions, and a springboard for market innovations and international development.

BRGM will be welcoming the public on Stand H4-F018

On its stand, BRGM will be showcasing its know-how in water resource management, the energy transition, climate-related risks and adaptation to climate change, waste management, the circular economy and remediation of polluted sites.

BRGM conferences at Pollutec 2023

“Water and Sanitation Forum” – Tuesday 10 October, 2.05 pm - 2.45 pm

Feedback on actual cases such as the development of urban greening, aquifer recharging, infiltration of rainwater into plots of land, the reuse of waste water, the transition of urban and peri-urban agricultural practices, etc.

Conference organised by BRGM

“Energy” forum – Tuesday 10 October, 3.55 pm - 4.40 pm

Why define a CO2 storage strategy at the regional level? To meet which needs? Under what technical and economic conditions, given a region's potential? How can we take account of the related societal issues?

Conference organised by BRGM

Circular Economy forum – Wednesday 11 October, 10.25 am - 11.10 am

Energy transition requirements are one of the critical points for the widespread deployment of renewable energies and low-carbon technologies.

Conference organised by BRGM

“Energy” forum – Wednesday 11 October, 11.20 am - 12.05 pm

The “CO2-Dissolved” project is investigating the storing of dissolved CO2 in saline aquifers close to industrial emission sources. This is a very promising solution, suitable for small emitters and complementary to bulk storage.

Conference organised by BRGM

In the Arena – Wednesday 11 October, 11.45 am - 12.15 pm

Faced with the challenges of climate change and taking into account the notion of responsibility and conflicting demands, for resources in particular, a number of players are developing innovations that combine models, skills and different perspectives for hybrid solutions. BRGM will be presenting innovations that it has developed jointly with start-ups to make the most of their respective strengths. Better characterise the subsurface through on-site analyses, provide better information to cities for urban planning and for tracing materials to guarantee their origin: 3 innovations to meet our current challenges – which might well serve as examples.

Conference organised by BRGM

“Sustainable cities and regions” forum – Wednesday 11 October, 2.05 pm - 2.50 pm

BRGM is involved in a number of projects involving the reconstruction and refunctionalisation of soils, actions that take on even greater significance with the Zero Net Artificialisation Act (ZAN - Zéro Artificialisation Nette) and the problems of renaturation and re-infiltration of water in urban environments. This is now an important strategic objective for partnership with local and regional authorities.

Conference organised by BRGM

Bluetec Sea and Coastline forum – Wednesday 11 October, 3.00 pm - 3.45 pm

Panel discussion on the results of the ADAPTO project, initiated by the French coastal protection agency (Conservatoire du Littoral) with the aim of exploring solutions to marine erosion and flooding in natural coastal areas in the context of increasing climate change, which is reflected in rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events. Adapto is testing flexible management of the coastline at 10 pilot sites, that are predominantly natural and agricultural. It helps to demonstrate the ecological and economic benefits of improving the resilience of coastal areas to protect human activities by restoring mobility to the coastline.

Conference organised by BRGM

Circular Economy forum – Thursday 12 October, 1.10 pm -1.55 pm

The management of excavated soil and waste has undergone a number of changes in recent months, with the deployment of several tools designed to facilitate the monitoring of flows and enable them to be traced. The aim of the conference is to make it easier for local and regional authorities, project owners and professionals to adopt this approach.

Conference organised by BRGM

Risk Management Forum – Thursday 12 October, 3 pm - 3.45 pm

Conference with open discussion: - Understanding and knowledge - Prevention: information, regulations and intervention techniques - Insurers' perspective

Conference organised by BRGM

Sustainable cities and regions forum – Thursday 12 October, 3.55 pm - 4.40 pm

Round table discussion on the deployment of geothermal energy in the construction and housing sectors.

Conference organised by BRGM