BRGM is taking part in the GEODAYS 2022 event to be held in Nancy on 14 and 15 June. The programme includes two days of B2B meetings, Open Innovation, talks and themed sessions, interspersed with times for discussion and sharing of new knowledge on the surface and subsurface.
Logo of the GEODAYS 2022. Logo of the GEODAYS 2022.

Logo of the GEODAYS 2022.

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The role of the subsurface in energy transition

The current context of energy transition, implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the effects of climate change, requires that we review our methods of producing raw materials and that we reduce the socio-environmental impact of the production of consumer goods. In this context, subsurface industries have a major role to play in:

  • improving energy efficiency and reducing water consumption in industrial processes;
  • relocating and securing supplies of metals that are mined, processed and imported from the other side of the world, and in supporting local production of industrial minerals and materials to develop future technologies;
  • the decarbonisation of industrial processes with the (re-)deployment of low-carbon energy (H2, nuclear, geothermal, hydroelectric, intermittent renewable energies) and the geological storage of CO2.

Furthermore, climate change and the expected increase in temperatures over the next 20-30 years and beyond, are likely to provoke changes in the precipitation regime, affecting groundwater recharge, ground and subsurface stability, and therefore spatial planning and infrastructure monitoring issues.

The focus will be on Spain for GEODAYS 2022. Since they share a common border, France and Spain have built up a relationship of trust over many decades. The first city Pau was twinned with was Zaragoza, back in 1960.

This year's programme includes conferences, round table discussions, B2B meetings, stand visits, presentations, Open Innovation and themed sessions.