The SIM (mineral industry society), in partnership with BRGM, is organising a technology day on the French WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) recycling sector on Thursday 12 May 2022 in Orléans. Participants will visit the BRGM experimental facilities on the Plat'Inn platform.
BRGM's Plat'Inn platform for raw materials and the circular economy

BRGM's Plat'Inn platform for raw materials and the circular economy.

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Our societies are generating ever-increasing masses of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE): according to the United Nations, more than 44 million tonnes of such waste were generated worldwide in 2017. Metals account for a large proportion of this waste, both in volume and economic value (UNEP, 2013). Existing processing facilities recycle WEEE to recover valuable metals, such as copper, silver and gold, while the remaining metals are often lost.

In the context of securing raw materials, optimising the recycling of WEEE to obtain more and better metals is becoming commonplace. In order to meet these new challenges, the sector must be organised and strengthened by developing WEEE extraction, conversion, recovery and recycling.

Visit to BRGM's Plat'Inn platform in Orléans

This technology day will be an opportunity to take stock of the French WEEE recycling sector, to discuss the difficulties encountered in processing WEEE and to present the problems encountered in reincorporating such waste into sectors of industry and applications. Participants will visit the BRGM experimental facilities on the Plat'Inn platform. This technological platform in Orléans focuses on the processing of mineral resources and the recycling of waste that can become a source of raw material. The platform provides a link between laboratory research and industrial-scale production and has a variable processing capacity, from a few dozen kilogrammes to several tonnes.

The interactive visit to the platform will focus on BRGM research projects on processing WEEE (electronic circuit boards, permanent magnets, LEDs) and the related flows and stocks.


09:00 - Welcoming the participants to Orléans (45000)
09:30 - Introduction to the day by Philippe Gombert and Patrick d'Hugues (BRGM) and presentations:

  • The French WEEE recycling sector, by Sandrine Moriceau, ADEME;
  • Feedback from an overall international WEEE sector waste manager, by Sven Saura, Veolia;
  • Processing professional WEEE: the new requirements, by Pascal Lermechin, Paprec D3E;
  • Round table: limits and opportunities for WEEE recycling, with Yannick Ménard and Patrick d'Hugues, BRGM.
  • Refining precious metals at Sovamep, by Vincent Delage, Sovamep.

12:30 - Lunch
14:00 - Interactive visit to the Plat'Inn platform
15:30 - End of the visit

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Registration deadline: Thursday 5 May 2022.

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