The closing conference for the INTERREG VALSE project will be held on 15 March in Châtelet, Belgium.

New cross-border resources: towards the validation of scenarios for the reuse of sediments and other materials 

The closing conference for the INTERREG VALSE project will take place on Tuesday 15 March from 9.00 to 16.00 at the Wallonia Public Service for Mobility and Infrastructure (SPW MI) / Waterway Research Directorate in Châtelet, Belgium.

The event will include three round tables:

  • Sediments as a resource: integration into public infrastructure and the landscape.
  • Sediments: just another excavated material?
  • How can we move from supply-driven to demand-driven reuse?

There will be an inauguration of the educational cycle path developed as part of the project, from concrete formulated with waterway sediments.

A cycle path made from sediments from Walloon waterways

A cycle path for road safety education will be inaugurated on 15 March on the site of the Waterway Research Directorate in Châtelet, Belgium, during the closing conference for the VALSE project on the reuse of sediments. This unique path was built using concrete from sediments extracted from Walloon waterways. This innovative experiment will enable SPW MI to undertake larger projects.

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The VALSE project in a nutshell

The INTERREG VALSE project, in which BRGM is a partner, explored how to reuse dredged sediments and excavated materials in Belgium and France. Over 4 years, it has produced a great deal of knowledge on the behaviour of land sediment deposits and has fuelled discussions on the development of reuse guidance in the working groups led by BRGM on behalf of the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

The VALSE project brought together nine operators and three partners from Northern France, Wallonia and Flanders (Belgium), who collaborated to validate and demonstrate sediment reuse options in the Belgian-French cross-border regions, with support from ERDF INTERREG V.