The volcano science meeting will be held on 30 October 2020 at the Lycée Mamoudzou, North Kawéni, Mayotte. This meeting will bring together scientists from all over France to discuss the seismo-volcanic phenomenon in Mayotte.
Filled rock dredge

Rock dredge containing samples arriving on the deck of the Marion Dufresne.

© BRGM - Anne Lemoine

The formation of the underwater volcanic pile was discovered in May 2019 during an oceanographic research mission on board the Marion Dufresne. This mission was carried out after several earthquakes had been felt on the island since 2018.

Since then, a series of missions coordinated by government services and scientific institutes have been conducted to refine research, monitor seismo-volcanic activity and provide answers to this unique, poorly understood phenomenon.

The volcano science meeting will be an opportunity to provide the Mayotte people with up-to-date knowledge on the seismo-volcanic phenomenon and the range of impacts it is having.


Part one: 9am–12pm

  • Opening speech by the prefect of Mayotte
  • 9:05am–9:20am: Eric Humler (CNRS): The Volcano, the Scientist and the Politician
  • 9:20am–9:40am: Primary and secondary school teachers: How are children perceiving the phenomenon?
  • 9:40am–10am: Saïd Hachim/ André Lechiguero (CR/STTM): How are adults perceiving the phenomenon?
  • 10:15am–10:35am: Miki Mori (CUFR, Mayotte): First nights of anguish in Mayotte in May 2018: Short stories about the earthquakes.
  • 10:35am–10:55am: Carole Berthod (CNRS/UCA): What are the rocks telling us?
  • 10:55am–11:15am: Aline Pelletier (IPGP/UP/CNRS)/Charlotte Mucig (BRGM)/Arnaud Lemarchand (IPGP/UP/CNRS): How does a monitoring network operate?
  • 11:15am–11:35am: Emmanuel Rinnert (IFREMER) and mission leads (Isabelle Thinon, Nathalie Feuillet, Stéphane Jorry): Why explore the seabed off Mayotte?
  • 11:35am–12pm: Discussion between all participants.

Part two:  1:30pm–4:00pm

  • 1:30pm–1:50pm Anne Lemoine (BRGM)/Jean Christophe Komorowski (IPGP/UP/CNRS): What do we know about how the volcano works?
  • 1:50pm–2:10pm: Anne Le Friant (IPGP/UP/CNRS)/Nicolas Taillefert (BRGM): What would be the impacts in the event of a tsunami: What are the models telling us?
  • 2:10pm–2:30pm: Matthieu Jeanson and Thomas Claverie (CUFR, Mayotte): How are coastal communities coping with the sinking of the island?
  • 2:45pm–3:15pm: Panel discussion: Nicolas Taillefert (BRGM), Jean Christophe Komorowski/ (IPGP/UP/CNRS)/ Mathieu Le Duff (CUFR Mayotte), Maud Devès (UParis/IPGP): How to live with a volcano – Perception and resilience
  • 3:15pm–3:45pm Discussion between all participants
  • 3:45pm–4:00pm Eric Humler (CNRS): Closing speech.