BRGM contributes to the dialogue between science and society. To this end, it organises meetings in the regions, to provide opportunities for outreach and discussion. A meeting in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region was held on 12 June 2015 in Pessac.

As a public institution for research and expert studies, BRGM contributes to the dialogue between science and society in its different fields. 

Establishing a dialogue with civil society representatives in the French regions 

BRGM's regional representatives organise meetings with representatives of civil society groups to discuss regional environmental questions relating to BRGM's areas of expertise and on which papers and articles have been published. 

These meetings provide opportunities for open and constructive discussions. They stimulate exchanges of knowledge - or of knowledge "gaps” - questions from all parties and the expression of their expectations, while observing the ethical principles that guarantee transparency and trust and preserve the independent judgement of all concerned. 

Summary of the meeting held at Pessac on 12 June 2015 

Topic on the agenda 

Coastal risks around the Bay of Arcachon. 

Date and venue 

Friday, 12 June 2015 at BRGM Regional Division for Aquitaine in Pessac. 


  • Presentation of BRGM's activities on coastal risks in Aquitaine and presentation of the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory (OCA - Observatoire de la Côte Aquitaine)  
  • Round table on participants’ expectations 
  • Discussion on the topic and related challenges for the region 


9 participants, respectively from the following organisations: 

  • Association for the Sustainable Development of the Arcachon Basin (A2DBA); 
  • Societies for the Study, Protection and Management of Nature in the South-West (SEPANSO); 
  • Animation/Médiation Delta de la Leyre (PNR Landes de Gascogne); 
  • Association for Protection and Spatial Planning of the Lège-Cap Ferret peninsula; 
  • Committee for the Defence and Protection of the Lège-Cap Ferret peninsula (CODEPPI). 

Participants' expectations and questions, discussions 

  • Feedback of information and data held by associations on past events; 
  • Expression of the needs of associations: access to images of past events produced by BRGM, knowledge of sedimentation aspects relating to the Leyre delta; 
  • Request from the associations to allow sufficient time for discussion to help them clear up confusion about past, current and future approaches, terminologies, processes, etc; 
  • Several questions on PPRL33: BRGM as the technical operator on this subject on behalf of the government cannot provide answers at this meeting.