BRGM contributes to the dialogue between science and society. To this end, it organises meetings in the regions, to provide opportunities for outreach and discussion. In Mayotte, a meeting was held on 23 November 2018 in Coconi.

As a public institution for research and expert studies, BRGM contributes to the dialogue between science and society in its different fields. 

Establishing a dialogue with civil society representatives in the French regions 

BRGM's regional representatives organise meetings with representatives of civil society groups to discuss regional environmental questions relating to BRGM's areas of expertise and on which papers and articles have been published. 

These meetings provide opportunities for open and constructive discussions. They stimulate exchanges of knowledge - or of knowledge "gaps” - questions from all parties and the expression of their expectations, while observing the ethical principles that guarantee transparency and trust and preserve the independent judgement of all concerned. 

Summary of the meeting held at Coconi on 23 November 2018 

Topic on the agenda 

Geological knowledge, natural hazards and groundwater resources in Mayotte.  

Date and venue 

23 November 2018 at the Coconi Agricultural School, Mayotte.  


The aim of the Countryside Guide training course is to train people wanting to become specialised guides for group trekking in Mayotte, and for some, to prepare for the probationary examination for the State diploma for medium elevation mountain guides (AMM) on La Reunion. 

The training is divided into 5 modules: "Basic knowledge", "Orientation", "Knowledge of the Environment and Geology", "Organizing a Trek" and "Professionalisation and Professional Behaviour". 

The objective of the "Knowledge of the environment and geology" module was to give trainees a basic understanding of the geology of Mayotte (training context, relationship with the other islands of the archipelago, main rocks found and their identification, link between the nature of the rocks and the landscape, natural risks related to the nature of the rocks, etc.) and the environment, and to raise their awareness of the different themes that affect the region. 

A field trip was also organised to see the Barakani basalt outcrop (geological curiosities) and to highlight issues specific to Mayotte.  


14 people from Mayotte each with a professional project, either within an existing or future association or as individuals. 

Specific points, participants' expectations and questions, discussions 

The expectations of the trainees were mainly centred on acquiring geological knowledge in order to teach hikers the basics of geology and thus be able to discuss the environmental problems of the island. 

The questions dealt with the ongoing earthquake swarm phenomenon, water resources (the administrative procedure if one wants to drill a well on one’s own land, artesian wells, the location of natural springs in Mayotte, solid volcanic rock formations and water treatment plants) and measures to curb the extension of deforested areas (padzas).