BRGM is co-hosting the 29th IGN Research Days event. In 2020, this event will be held exclusively online, and the theme this year is “Artificial intelligence & geographic data.”
IGN’s Research Days go digital IGN’s Research Days go digital

IGN’s Research Days go digital.


For almost 30 years, IGN and ENSG have been hosting the Research Days event. This year, BRGM is a partner of this major meeting for the scientific community, which will be held exclusively online. More than thirty researchers from IGN-ENSG, INRIA, BRGM, Météo France and SHOM are hoping many of you will be able to join them from 5 to 9 October 2020 to learn more about their work on artificial intelligence. 

At this event, you will be able to: 

  • access presentations by scientists on the IGN channel; 
  • ask written questions via comments; 
  • chat with scientists during four daily live video sessions at 11am.

Predictive mapping and machine learning at BRGM 

On Thursday 8 October from 11am to 12pm, Vincent Labbé, a data scientist and big data engineer at BRGM, presents BRGM's recent work on “data-based predictive mapping.” The work is presented through two projects with distinct objectives: 

  • predictive mapping applied to mineral resources, to answer the question: “Where should we dig to find the next gold vein?”; 
  • predictive mapping applied to environmental pollution, or how to help the environmental police develop their enforcement plans. 


  • Monday 5 October 2020: Facilitated live opening session 
  • Tuesday 6 October 2020: Time-data analysis 
  • Wednesday 7 October 2020: Government policy and environmental challenges 
  • Thursday 8 October 2020: 2D, 3D and multimodal data 
  • Friday 9 October 2020: Data accuracy and qualification

Date and place

From October 5 to 9, 2020. 

The event will be held by videoconference. 

Presentations will remain accessible online for the duration of the event and for the following 3 months.