BRGM is sponsoring Back2Business, an event dedicated to all players in the subsoil industry sector. This 100% digital event will take place on Tuesday 9 June 2020.

The Pôle Avenia cluster, the ISIFoR Carnot Institute and the Carnot value chain project Extra&Co are supporting the subsurface industry. Their role is to bring together industry players to extend the ecosystem’s reach in France and beyond. Their shared ambition is also to develop the subsurface in the context of energy transition.

The event offers members a rare opportunity to connect at a 100% digital B2B business conference for players in the subsurface sector. It will be hosted via the b2match platform.

As key players in the country’s economic development and to help our members prepare for the rebound after the crisis, we have joined forces to organise a special 100% digital B2B business conference for members to connect: Back2Business.

Plan up to 12 business meetings in just 1 day!

Back2Business, for who?

The event is designed for all subsurface industry players to help them tackle challenges together and take part in the country’s economic recovery.

Why participate?

  • Extend and/or consolidate your network
  • Design collaborative projects
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Participate in energy transition to aid recovery
  • Discover new markets, innovations and technologies
  • Share your expertise and experiences


Tuesday 9 June, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.