Two experts in metals markets at BRGM, Mathieu Leguérinel and Paul Notom, took part in a conference entitled "Mineral resources: industrial, geopolitical and environmental issues" held on Wednesday 23 November 2022 in Orléans.

Watch the "different perspectives" conference

Conference organised at the University of Orléans by the GCOUDE university scientific association in the presence of two BRGM experts, Mathieu Leguérinel and Paul Notom.


This conference considered raw materials and geopolitics from different perspectives, focusing on the topic of "Mineral resources at the intersection between industrial, geopolitical and environmental issues". The event was broadcast live via the YouTube channel of the GCOUDE university scientific association.

The debate took place in the presence of:

  • Mathieu Leguérinel, ENAG (National School of Applied Geoscience) engineer specialising in mineral resources geology and management, BRGM mining geologist and expert in metals markets.
  • Paul Notom, ENSG (National Higher Education School of Geology) engineer specialising in mineral resource engineering and management, BRGM mining geologist and metals market analyst.

Some of the topics covered

  • The growing demand for metals
  • Resources required for the energy and digital transition
  • Geologically, technically and financially limited resources
  • Potential in France and Europe
  • Securing supplies
  • Import dependency
  • Recycling and substitution
  • Responsible procurement and initiatives
  • Increasing complexity of opening mines

Practical information

Date: Wednesday 23 November 2022, 6 PM to 9 PM.

Venue: Amphithéâtre Pothier, UFR Droit-Economie-Gestion, Université d'Orléans - 13, Rue de Blois, 45100 Orléans