Nicolas Charles, a geologist and Project Manager at BRGM, will be giving a lecture (followed by a debate) on the theme of mineral resources at the Musée des Arts et Métiers (Museum of Arts and Crafts) in Paris on Friday 7 April 2023.

Mineral resources are omnipresent in our daily lives

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have been drawing on the riches below the Earth's surface. Today, with the "ecological" transition, we have never consumed as many mineral resources: metals, sand, cement, rocks, oil, gas, coal, etc. Indeed, although the general public is often unaware of the fact, natural resources are used in every sector of modern-day society. Kaolin in paper; copper, cobalt and lithium for electric mobility; rare earth metals, coltan or gold in mobile phones and tablets; silicon, gallium and indium in solar panels, etc. These are just a few examples that the geologist Nicolas Charles will talk about during his lecture, which will also address the many challenges posed by the current energy transition.

A meeting with Nicolas Charles

Nicolas Charles has a PhD in geology and works as a project manager at BRGM. He is involved in numerous geological-mapping and mineral-resource projects in France and abroad. Since 2016, he has been coordinating a European geoscience training project in Africa, aimed at strengthening partnerships between European and African geological survey organisations. Nicolas Charles has written several scientific outreach publications on the geological heritage of France, and regularly gives lectures on geology and mineral resources in order to share his knowledge with the general public.

Practical information

Friday 7 April 2023 from 7pm to 8.30pm

Address: Amphithéâtre Abbé Grégoire, 60 rue Réaumur, Paris 3rd district (France)

  • Conference open to the public
  • Free admission, within the limit of the seats available
  • Prior booking recommended