SelecDEPOL is an interactive tool that helps with remediation and/or management of soil and groundwater pollution by proposing decontamination techniques and building measures. Developed jointly by BRGM and ADEME, it is intended for all stakeholders involved in managing pollution.
22 September 2020
Home page of the SelecDEPOL website

Home page of the SelecDEPOL website, an interactive tool for pre-selecting decontamination techniques and building measures.


The need

SelecDEPOL was developed in 2013 to provide stakeholders affected by polluted sites and soils with a decision-support tool for pre-selecting decontamination techniques according to a site's geological and hydrogeological context and the pollutants encountered. These stakeholders expressed a need for the website's contents to be updated and enriched, and this was achieved mainly through the addition of a specific module for measures applicable to real estate and infrastructure (Building Measures).

The results

SelecDEPOL is intended for all stakeholders involved in managing pollution: contractors, developers, local and regional authorities, decontamination professionals (consulting engineers, technical design offices, decontamination and remediation technical service providers), elected officials, associations, students or individuals. Regardless of the user's role, SelecDEPOL provides assistance in managing a pollution incident by enabling the user to pre-select from a list of 38 decontamination techniques and management measures, and a further list of 26 building measures to suit their problem. SelecDEPOL is therefore a decision-support tool that in no way replaces the judgement of soil remediation professionals who are up to date with the state of the art, nor that of decision-makers, who are responsible for making the final choice of technique(s) to be implemented.

Using the results

Based on the characteristics (context, pollutants, etc.) described in the tool, SelecDEPOL guides users to the methods best suited to their case. SelecDEPOL describes each decontamination technique and building measure, details their main implementation parameters, provides guidance on the associated costs and presents their advantages and disadvantages. The SelecDEPOL interactive tool therefore provides a theoretical basis enabling users to identify all the management solutions (decontamination and building measures) that are in principle applicable.

The partners

  • ADEME - Urban Wasteland and Polluted Sites Department (SFUSP) & Support for IS Projects Department (SAPSI)