In 2018, ADEME and BRGM decided to focus on increasing the visibility of geothermal energy. First of all, this involves uniting the organisations that are promoting geothermal energy around an “advocacy campaign” for surface geothermal energy and then also of increasing the visibility of geothermal energy on the Internet.

13 December 2019
Coverage of the “advocacy campaign” for surface geothermal energy

Coverage of the “advocacy campaign” for surface geothermal energy.


Représentants de l’ADEME, de l’AFPG et du BRGM

Representatives of ADEME, AFPG and BRGM (from right to left) present geothermal energy to local authorities in Paris on 19 March 2019.

© ADEME - Michel Gioria

The need

With the Multi-Year Energy Plan predicting that renewable energies will contribute 38% of final heat consumption in 2030, geothermal energy has a major role to play in achieving this objective.

Right under our feet, the Earth's natural warmth thus offers great opportunities that must be promoted, to the right audiences, in an appropriate way, with maximum synergy.

The results

Following a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) on geothermal energy, and within the framework of their annual agreements (2018 and 2019) in the field of geothermal energy, BRGM and ADEME decided to build a case for  local authorities  in favour of  surface geothermal  energy, meaning energy retrieved from the first 200 metres of depth. On the one hand, surface geothermal energy has the greatest potential for development since it is available almost everywhere, and on the other hand, local authorities, which must now control their energy costs and set an example in environmental terms, are the most likely to make a profitable investment in this type of energy in the medium term. The Association Française des Professionnels de la Géothermie (AFPG), the Fédération Nationale des Collectivités Concédantes et Régies (FNCCR) and the Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (SER) were involved in this process. This included identifying real-life examples that would illustrate the arguments intended for local authorities.

Image view of the exchangers of the BRGM geothermal experimental platform

We had plenty of information on deep geothermal energy in the old BRGM maps, but less for surface geothermal energy. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to enhance our collection of tools and make them freely available on the web. As well as local authorities, such as individual municipalities or urban conglomerations, there is a demand from the regions, particularly when drawing up their blueprints for sustainable regional development (SRADDETs). In the long term, we therefore wish to deploy this project and for this purpose set up an agenda.

Guillaume Perrin, Head of the Heating and Cooling Networks Department FNCCR

Using the results

The advocacy document – “6 good reasons to choose geothermal energy” – was published to coincide with France’s Renewable Heat Week in December 2018. Since then, 1,500 copies have been distributed to local authorities and it is also available via the ADEME/BRGM website on geothermal energy.

The partners

  • Main partner: ADEME
  • Associate partners: AFPG, FNCCR and SER