DUPLOS (Unified declaration for underground works) is a portal for the remote declaration of boreholes under the Mining Code. The combination created when DUPLOS is connected to the DiaLog application, used for the technical description of boreholes, is designed to facilitate inclusion in the subsurface database (BSS) and is being progressively deployed throughout the country.
13 September 2022
Geothermal borehole on the BRGM platform (Orléans, 2021).

Geothermal borehole on the BRGM platform (Orléans, 2021).


The need

DUPLOS was conceived following the observation in 2016 of the innumerable different ways of declaring boreholes from one region to another, and of the difficulty of obtaining, through official channels, the end-of-drilling reports enabling them to be stored in the BSS. In response to this situation, BRGM set up a national portal for remote declaration, associated with a web application for describing structures, which is intended to replace Gesfor, a freeware package developed by BRGM in 2000.

The results

Initiated within the framework of an Investments for the Future programme (PIA) “Dites-le nous une fois” (Tell us only once), with the support of the Water and Biodiversity Directorate of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTE/DEB), the prototype project became operational and led to the deployment of the current portal in the two pilot regions of Centre Val-de-Loire and Normandy at the end of 2020. In 2021, DUPLOS was deployed in 5 new regions, and in another 3 during the first quarter of 2022. All of mainland France should thus be covered by the end of 2022, while deployment in French overseas territories has begun.

DiaLog was developed concomitantly, with a view to being a modular tool, independent of DUPLOS and able to interface with other applications. This is already the case with the BSS internal data entry tool (BSS-Menu) and the Logiso application, and soon will be with the TéléGMI portal, which can be used for the remote declaration of small-scale geothermal projects (GMIs).

DUPLOS interface (locating structures).

DUPLOS interface (locating structures).


Using the results

After DUPLOS was commissioned for operational production at the end of 2020, the results after a little more than a year of use are:

  • 1,400 remote declarations, of which ¼ were finalised with the submission of an end of drilling report;
  • more than 560 user, registrants or government department accounts;
  • deployment in 10 regions;
  • 10 training webinars (~250 people), 3 video tutorials, dedicated user support.

In 2022, further deployment will be accompanied by the integration of the declaration for domestic boreholes into the portal, and it will be possible to access DiaLog from the TéléGMI portal.

Extract from the BSS via InfoTerre

BRGM proposed the DUPLOS project to us just as the digitisation platform developed by DREAL Normandie was about to disappear due to problems with its maintenance. As a result, our region has not suffered a break in the remote declaration service, and drillers now have a single tool and a responsive hotline service. Furthermore, it is easier to extract data, which saves our departments a lot of time.

Lionel Leduc, post-mining subsurface project manager, DREAL Normandy

The partners

  • Ministry of Ecological Transition - Water and Biodiversity Directorate