2020 Science Festival: highlights

From 2 to 12 October 2020, BRGM, France's geological survey organisation, will be taking part in the 29th Fête de la Science, centred around a virtual media event aimed at the general public. This event’s highlights
13 November 2020

The Paris geological metronome

Do you know how the age of the rocks used to build Notre-Dame? Find out thanks to one of our geology PhDs, Nicolas Charles: In this live episode of Science, he will tell you incredible stories about the Paris subsurface: From the ground under the Rolland-Garros tennis courts to that under the Eiffel Tower, our clay-footed colossus.

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In what way can the subsurface help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases?

Didier Bonijoly, BRGM’s Deputy Director for georesources, will tell you about a surprising solution to cut down on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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A quiz about aquifers

According to you, how much of our planet’s freshwater comes from groundwater?

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News scenarios concerning the rise in sea level

Since the 2019 IPCC account, new scenarios were established about the rise of the sea level based on recent data about the melting icecaps.

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Live from the Marion Dufresne ship off the coast of Mayotte

Isabelle Thinon, géologue et géophysicienne marine au BRGM, et Emmanuel Rinnert, chercheur en géochimie à l'Ifremer, vous emmène avec eux sur le navire Marion Dufresne qui se trouve au large de Mayotte.

Les deux scientifiques réalisent au même moment une campagne océanographique pour étudier l'essaim de séismes et le nouveau volcan apparut au fond de l'océan quelques mois plus tôt.

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2020 Festival of Science Ambassadors

Presentations by the 2020 Festival of Science ambassadors from BRGM, Gonéri Le Cozannet and from Ifremer, Elodie Fleury. Learn more about climate change and the rise in sea level.

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