The objective of the agreement signed between the Société du Grand Paris, responsible for implementing the Grand Paris Express project, and BRGM is to better understand the Paris region subsurface.
6 May 2020
Paris from the sky

Paris from the sky. 

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The Société du Grand Paris and BRGM have signed a partnership agreement that will provide a better understanding of the geological layers through which the Grand Paris Express underground metro is due to be built. 

Geological models for spatial planning 

The partner institutions will provide a highly detailed description of the geology and mechanical properties of the rock layers, as well as the piezometric levels of the groundwater bodies directly below the future Line 15 West. This will help account for subsurface risks when planning development projects. 

This innovative programme co-funded by SGP and BRGM will ultimately provide a scalable subsurface model with the capacity to integrate new data from future drilling. 

BRGM views this programme as being part of its French Geological Reference programme to develop knowledge of the French subsurface.