BRGM’s Geological Curiosities collection has just been enriched by a new book on French Guiana. A visit and presentation of the guidebook have been organized to mark the occasion.
8 March 2018
Cover of the guidebook

Cover of the guidebook.


France’s largest overseas département, French Guiana, has a rich geological heritage which can be classified into four themes: very ancient basement rocks, a volcanic episode linked to the opening of the Atlantic Ocean, the formation of lateritic crust and recent phenomena affecting the coastline. This guidebook helps you to better understand these different environments and their relationships.

After a presentation of the geological history, the close links between stones and humans, mineral resources and natural hazards, among other subjects, 24 particularly demonstrative and educational sites are presented: the bauxite of Kaw Mountain, the volcanic activity of the Salvation Islands, the Voltaire Falls, the Montjoly saltworks, the Buzaré Point, etc. To complete the picture, the different environments are presented.

This book is the result of BRGM's collaboration with the French Guiana Territorial Community (CTG) and the Department of the Environment, Planning and Housing (DEAL).

The authors

Pierre Bourbon was a regional geologist in French Guiana between 2011 and 2016 during which time he contributed to the inventory of remarkable geological sites and devoted part of his time to the study of natural hazards. In addition, he helped improve the reference system on mineral resources and contributed to the development of the Observatory of Coastal Dynamics of French Guiana.

Hervé Théveniaut is Geographic Director in BRGM’s International Division, he was regional geologist at BRGM in French Guiana between 2002 and 2005. He devoted part of his time to the development of the French Guiana Earth Science Teaching Kit for middle and high school teachers. He led the trans-boundary geological map project in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Brazil. He is the author and co-author of scientific publications on laterites and the Precambrian era of French Guiana.

Technical characteristics

118 colour pages - Size 12 × 23 cm - Price: € 19 Incl. VAT

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