The BRGM, selected by the European Union as project coordinator for the CCUS strategy, met with its 17 partners for the project launch in Orléans on 13 May.
13 May 2019

The BRGM, as the project coordinator for the CCUS Strategy (Carbon capture, use and storage), which aims to develop an industry in southern and eastern Europe to capture CO2 emissions from industrial sites for re-use and underground storage, organised the project launch meeting on Monday 13 May 2019 in Orléans. This H2020 project involves 17 European partners.

A proven technology for reducing CO2 emissions in Europe

This project, which comes under the Paris Agreement on climate change and reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions of human origin, will define transport corridors connecting the different CO2 storage sites. It also plans to connect these to existing infrastructure in the North Sea. Seven European  countries will be hosting this proven technology for technical and economic validation purposes.