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18 February 2021
Overview BRGM Infos

Overview of issue No. 36 - BRGM Infos.


BRGM Infos is a monthly electronic newsletter which gives you all the latest news from the French Geological Survey.

In issue No. 36, you will find articles on the following topics:

  • Companies: working with the BRGM, a guide
  • Soil quality in France: BRGM becomes a member of GIS Sol
  • MétéEAU Nappes, a platform to support decision-making for groundwater management
  • Research & Development Agreement to restore Notre Dame cathedral in Paris
  • Events - PDAC 2021
  • In pictures - The landslides at Salazie at La Réunion
  • Publications - When plants help clean up old mine sites
  • Service offer - Characterisation and recovery of fine materials from industrial processes
  • References and projects - RISVAL: Seismic risks in areas straddling the Franco-Italian border

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