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4 November 2022
BRGM Infos newsletter - overview of issue No. 53.

BRGM Infos newsletter - overview of issue No. 53.

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BRGM Infos is a monthly electronic newsletter that brings you all the latest news from the French Geological Survey.

In issue No. 53, you will find articles on the following topics:

  • An action plan developed by the Haut-Commissariat au Plan for near-surface geothermal energy
  • Recommendations for mapping exposure to the risk of coastline recession
  • BRGM and AFD Group sign a first partnership agreement
  • Resources and uses of the subsurface in the energy transition: video replay of the conference
  • First 100 sites selected for the Geological World Heritage
  • Better traceability and more sustainable sourcing of the lithium used in electric batteries
  • Our solutions: Recycling excavated earth from potentially polluted sites and soils
  • Laboratories: inauguration of the MACLE platform in Orléans
  • OLiMar: the creation of an observatory for coastline dynamics in Martinique
  • Etc.

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