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26 January 2022

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In issue No. 45, you will find articles on the following topics:

  • Strategic metals: BRGM in the forefront of the actions announced by the State
  • Combining lithium production and geothermal energy: a successful completion to the EuGeLi project
  • The SisFrance website on historical earthquakes in mainland France has been revamped
  • Webinar replay: Deep groundwater resources in the southern Aquitaine Basin
  • Continuing vocational training: browse the BRGM Formation course catalogue for 2022
  • On Reunion Island, a muon telescope to monitor precursor signs of collapse
  • Vigirisks: the all-in-one predictive platform for natural risks
  • BioREP: bioreactors for deep environments
  • UMR ISTO researcher wins European Research Council award
  • Etc.

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