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9 February 2023
BRGM Infos newsletter - overview of issue No. 56.

BRGM Infos newsletter - overview of issue No. 56.

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BRGM Infos is a monthly electronic newsletter that brings you all the latest news from the French Geological Survey.

In issue No. 56, you will find articles on the following topics:

  • Government geothermal action plan: BRGM mobilised
  • Groundwater tables on 1 January 2023
  • Outstanding achievements: BRGM 2022 awards
  • Events: Launch of the research programme "The subsurface, a common good"
  • Replay: Innovating for sustainable water management - PEPR OneWater online review and forum
  • Article: Developing geothermal energy to improve the Caribbean's energy independence
  • Our solutions: Rainwater infiltration beneath former industrial sites and contaminated wasteland
  • Regional network: Characterisation of sandy stocks on the Guadeloupean island shelf for beach nourishment
  • Etc.

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