BRGM and the TRACE Group have established a partnership to respond to the growing need for traceability concerning mineral substances.
19 October 2023

Regulatory developments and stricter requirements in terms of transparency have led BRGM and TRACE to join forces to develop traceability services aimed at sectors that produce or use precious metals and metals that are crucial for the energy transition, or mineral ore and excavated earth.

Responding to the complex issue of ensuring the transparent, reliable traceability of materials

In view of the complexity of logistics circuits, the opacity of certain supply chains and the related environmental issues, BRGM, the French Geological Survey, and the TRACE Group, which provides services that address a wide range of environmental issues (including the deployment of digital traceability solutions) are combining their expertise and tools to provide new options for ensuring substance traceability.

Creating a digital, trusted third-party service

The partnership between BRGM and TRACE aims to pool the two companies' expertise, drawing on BRGM's scientific knowledge of the nature and origin of geological substances and its ability to characterise them, and TRACE's environmental engineering skills and experience in deploying digital blockchain solutions (CYCLop). The overall objective is twofold: firstly, to provide a digital, trusted third-party service aimed at the various players in the industries concerned and, secondly, to guarantee environmental, societal and ethical compliance throughout the materials value chain.

The TRACE Group

The TRACE Group was founded at the beginning of 2011. The company provides solutions and services that address every type of environmental issue, including environmental engineering, the circular economy and the design and deployment of digital traceability solutions.

TRACE DIGITAL PROCESSING, a TRACE Group company, has developed the "CYCLop" blockchain solution, designed to enable the notary-certified tracking of materials throughout the value chain.