One year after its launch, the Extra&Co scheme, in which the BRGM Carnot Institute is taking part, presents the catalogue of its technological platforms.
20 September 2017
Catalogue of the Extra&Co platforms

Catalogue of the Extra&Co platforms.

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Extra&Co is a public scheme developed to support research, development and innovation projects in micro-enterprises, SMEs and middle-market companies in the extractive and primary processing sectors. 

Extra&Co also aims to work in synergy and develop partnerships with the sector's "ecosystem": professional federations and unions, competitiveness and business clusters, technical centres for industry, etc.  

As a "Carnot Value Chain" programme launched by the ANR and funded by the national Investing for the Future programme, Extra&Co is run by a group of 4 Carnot Institutes (ISIFoR, BRGM, ICÉEL and M.I.N.E.S) with recognised scientific expertise in subsoil mineral and energy resources. 

A range of services organised around 35 technological platforms  

One year after its operational launch, Extra&Co has published the catalogue of its technological platforms, presenting the scientific competences and technical means available to companies in the extractive and primary processing sector. 

The first Extra&Co catalogue is an essential gateway to the group's range of integrated services, listing and describing its 35 technological platforms, including 6 at the BRGM:  

In parallel, Extra&Co is pursuing its commercial and partnership-based activities across France with a team of specialist advisers. 

Meet the Extra&Co team at the 2017 SIM Congress in Metz.

Quarry of the Galion, near Cayenne in French Guiana

Key figures

  • 4.00
    public research organisations

  • 35.00
    technological platforms

  • 2000.00
    technicians, engineers and researchers on call