To provide up-to-date information on its post-mining activities and meet the needs of its partners, the BRGM has entirely redesigned its website for Mine Safety and Risk Prevention. 
12 February 2019
Homepage of the new Operational post-mining website

Homepage of the new Operational post-mining website. 


The  Operational Post-Mining website  launched by the BRGM is designed to promote the mine safety mission entrusted to the BRGM by the French State and to facilitate access to post-mining information and data. 

Promoting the BRGM's mine safety mission and giving access to the Post-Mining information system 

The operational post-mining website, available in 3 languages (French, English and German), describes the functions of the post-mining mission entrusted to the BRGM and carried out by its Mine Safety and Risk Prevention department (DPSM) and presents recent developments, with a particular focus on studies and surveillance conducted by the BRGM. 

The website also gives access to the mining intelligence service, an essential resource for vendors of lands comprising disused mining facilities, and to information on the mining heritage, mining archives and post-mining regulations. 

Operational post-mining: a mission entrusted to the BRGM by the French State 

With pit closures and the gradual disappearance of mining operators, a new “post-mining” era began in France. Since 2006, the BRGM has been responsible on behalf of the French State for operational post-mining functions, in order to: 

  • ensure the safety of people and property in former mining areas, 
  • maintain the technical competences required to conduct this mission. 

The BRGM is responsible for: 

  • managing mine safety engineering work, as the State-delegated project manager, 
  • surveillance of mining site facilities, 
  • managing the post-mining information system (intermediate technical mining archives and mining intelligence).