BRGM's training organisation has obtained its QUALIOPI certification. This label, a guarantee of quality, confirms the value of BRGM’s vocational training offer, its courses and its trainers.
8 March 2022
QUALIOPI certification logo

QUALIOPI certification logo


BRGM provides a range of “standard” and “tailor-made” training courses to develop scientific and technical competencies to meet the needs of a variety of organisations, including companies, consultancies, government departments and agencies, and regional and local authorities.

In January 2022, BRGM Formation was awarded QUALIOPI certification by Afnor for its training activities.


Act no. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 laying down the freedom to choose one’s professional future, stipulated that organisations which provide training for the development of competencies must be certified for this purpose, on the basis of a single national standards system.

Organisations that are duly certified may then apply for public or pooled funding (managed by the opérateurs de compétences [authorities guiding and funding vocational training by sector and branch], the French government, regions, the Caisse des dépôts et consignations [French deposits and consignments fund], Pôle Emploi, Agefiph), to establish the visibility and credibility of the organisation and to guarantee its professionalism to its clients and partners.

The QUALIOPI certification logo is a guarantee, highlighting our compliance with quality requirements, recognition by funding bodies, the involvement of competent, professional experts and the use of innovative teaching methods.

BRGM Formation logo

BRGM Formation logo.


BRGM Formation: A range of training courses covering every field of geoscience

BRGM Formation develops scientific knowledge and technical skills through standard training courses in its catalogue and tailor-made ones, offering a range of services covering all fields of geoscience applied to various environmental and spatial planning issues.

BRGM Formation has:

  • over 70 training courses for design and engineering offices, industry, government departments and agencies, regional and local authorities, etc.
  • 150 BRGM trainers, committed to transferring knowledge and know-how and motivated by the desire to share and exchange with every kind of public: research engineers and technicians with expertise in geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology, geophysics, geochemistry, modelling, and environmental issues.
  • a trainee-satisfaction rate of 97% for 2021.
  • tailor-made training courses, specific career-path training, courses adapted from our in-house courses, both face-to-face and in remote-learning format, to meet all needs.