The BRGM's training branch, BRGM Formation, has been addressing the needs of professional engineers, technicians, decision-makers, planners and project managers working for companies and the public sector for 20 years.
15 October 2018

BRGM Formation has just published its 2019 course catalogue, covering 66 on-the-job training courses in different fields of the geosciences and their applications: geology, environment and sustainable planning, groundwater resources, geothermal energy, natural risks and climate change impacts, mining, quarrying and post-mining.  

To address specific needs, BRGM Formation also designs custom courses with its clients, which are delivered in-house. 

Field course in Morocco

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BRGM Formation, 20 years of experience in on-the-job training in the geosciences  

This year's 20th anniversary pays tribute to the BRGM's 150 engineers and technicians - geologists, geotechnicians, hydrogeologists, geochemists, modellers, geothermal engineers, geophysicists and environmental engineers - who have contributed their experience and expertise to these courses to support your professional projects.  

Over the years, the BRGM's on-the-job training branch has built up and deployed a wide range of courses, all now delivered under the BRGM Formation trademark, which are dedicated to businesses, engineering consultancies, civil society groups, government agencies and departments, public institutions and local government bodies. 

BRGM Formation catalogue covers over the years

For 20 years, BRGM Formation has offered a catalogue of courses in the different fields of the geosciences.