In consultation with the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the BRGM distributes policies and methodologies for managing polluted sites and soils through its InfoTerre portal.
11 September 2018

InfoTerre, the web portal for access to BRGM scientific and technical information, now has a new "Polluted Sites and Soils" section. Its purpose is to distribute data on Environment Ministry policies and methodologies for managing polluted sites and soils.

Methodological tools for managing polluted sites and soils are thus available from the BRGM to government agencies (DRIEE, DREAL, ARS), engineering consultancies and the wider public, together with the relevant technical information produced by the Ministry and by the BRGM, ADEME and INERIS.

The BRGM: France's reference institution on polluted sites, soils and sediments

For the management of polluted sites, soils and sediments, the BRGM is the reference institution in France for designing diagnoses, developing and assessing monitoring processes and rehabilitation work in sites polluted by former economic activities (industrial brownfield sites, decommissioned mines).The BRGM assists policy-makers and economic players by implementing decision-support tools, conducting missions to support government agencies, creating databases and contributing to the development of regulations, methodological guides, environmental standards, professional training, etc.