The Géorisques portal, which enables users to assess their exposure to major risks in France, has just been redesigned to enable better sharing of risk awareness and preparedness.
31 July 2020
Homepage of the Géorisques website

Homepage of the Géorisques website.


With more than 2.8 million visits in 2019, Géorisques is now an essential tool for anyone wishing to assess their exposure to major risks. It is routinely used by professionals in real estate, spatial planning, land management and government departments.

To best meet the needs of its many users, the Géorisques portal, first deployed in 2014, has been redesigned to be simpler and more seamless, efficient and user-friendly.

It offers a completely new approach to opening up data and sharing risk awareness and preparedness, through easier printing of the risk description, consolidated data, simplified downloading and broadened editorial content.