At the start of the 2022 school year, Lumni Enseignement will replace the Éduthèque portal, of which BRGM has been a partner since 2013. BRGM, the French Geological Survey, offers educational resources on the platform.
21 September 2022
BRGM resources on Lumni Enseignement

BRGM resources on Lumni Enseignement

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In September 2022, at the suggestion of the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the Lumni Enseignement portal will host most of the educational resources that were previously available on the Eduthèque portal.

Since 2013, BRGM has been a partner of Eduthèque, which has given teachers free access to educational, cultural and scientific resources. BRGM has now joined forces with the Lumni Enseignement partners to provide teachers and their students with free, downloadable educational resources.

Lumni Enseignement, a more diverse offer for the new school year starting in 2022

Lumni Enseignement, whose offer was until now made up of the educational resources of public media partners, has been enriched by hundreds of new items from cultural and scientific institutions. Today, Lumni Enseignement offers more than 4000 resources linked to school programmes.

On Lumni, BRGM offers educational resources at the crossroads between Earth sciences and other disciplines

The resources made available by BRGM are particularly useful for the teaching of life and earth sciences. Some of them will also be of interest to teachers of history, geography and English, and will provide material for educational projects at the crossroads of these disciplines and geology (they include English-language resources on subjects related to the Earth sciences, links between geology and the two world wars, etc.).

BRGM provides teachers with various types of resources: educational videos, films on the geosciences, exhibitions and diagrams of different geological phenomena. They concern the fields of geology, mineral resources, water, natural hazards and soil pollution.