BRGM Formation (the Survey’s training branch) caters for your continuing vocational training needs in a range of topics relating to land and the subsurface, the environment and spatial planning. The 2021 catalogue is available online.
11 December 2020
Introductory course in geology

Introductory course in geology at Balaruc (Hérault, 2012).

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A range of training courses covering every field of the geosciences

The BRGM Formation course catalogue 2021 is now available. Transferring skills is central to BRGM’s mission. BRGM’s continuing vocational training courses are based on its core topic area, geology, and its many applications in the environmental and spatial planning fields: 

  • Geology 
  • Mineral Resources – mines, quarries, post-mining 
  • Groundwater resources 
  • Geothermal energy 
  • Environment and sustainable development 
  • Natural hazards and climate change 

Off-the-shelf and tailor-made training courses, in face-to-face or remote-learning format 

BRGM Formation provides: 

  • More than 60 training courses for design and engineering offices, industry, government departments and services, regional and local authorities, etc. 
  • 140 trainers from BRGM, committed to transferring knowledge and know-how and motivated by the desire to share and exchange with all comers: research engineers and technicians with expertise in geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology, geophysics, geochemistry, modelling, and environmental issues. 
  • Tailor-made training courses, specific longer training opportunities, courses adapted to your in-house needs, both face-to-face and in remote-learning format, to meet all your requirements. 

BRGM Formation also establishes partnerships with various public and private organisations to provide a range of services that fully meet your expectations. 

In 2021, BRGM’s range of products and services addresses social and technology issues, anticipating tomorrow’s needs and furthering its commitment to certification and experimentation in Digital Learning. 

BRGM Formation 2021 training catalogue