BRGM is a partner in the Call for Expressions of Interest concerning the reclamation of urban and/or industrial wastelands in the French Occitanie Region, launched on 27 March 2018. 
27 March 2018
Official launch of the CEI.

Official launch of the CEI. 

© BRGM - Anne-Valérie Barras 

The Call for Expressions of Interest (CEI) entitled "Reclaiming wasteland in Occitanie", led by the Regional Council, was presented and launched on Tuesday 27 March 2018 in the presence of the 10 partners, during a day-long event dedicated to the reclamation of wasteland. 

BRGM is participating in this CEI as a scientific and technical expert in the fields of polluted sites and soils and the circular economy.  

Reclaiming wastelands to meet demographic and land challenges in Occitanie 

The CEI is designed to address the challenges linked to the demographic evolution of the Occitanie Region, the most attractive in France with 50,000 additional residents per year, i.e. 1 million more inhabitants by 2040. 

For the Occitanie Region, the challenge is to be able to welcome future inhabitants in the pleasant living environment that the Region offers, while limiting urban sprawl and “land take” in natural and agricultural areas. The retrieval of urban and/or industrial wastelands would make it possible to redevelop hitherto unexploited land. 

The State, the ADEME, the Caisse des Dépôts, the Etablissement Public Foncier d'Occitanie, the Regional Union Les CAUE d'Occitanie, the three local urban planning agencies and BRGM will work alongside the Occitanie Region, to meet various objectives of this CEI: 

  • to encourage the requalification of wastelands, whether polluted or not, 
  • to promote development through the reconversion of urbanised areas, 
  • to help rebuild the potential of local areas through densification and urban renewal, 
  • to encourage the redevelopment of wasteland through structuring, integrated projects and to create a local dynamic, including in terms of economic development, around the reconversion project, 
  • to identify the technical players, particularly within the region (in the field of town planning, the economy, etc.) who can intervene in the reclamation of wasteland and promote a sector-based approach. 

BRGM: scientific and technical expertise for remediation of polluted sites and soils and the circular economy 

Within the framework of this CEI, BRGM provides its scientific and technical expertise in the fields of: 

  • on the one hand, the management of polluted sites and soils and the inventory, characterisation and prioritisation of industrial wastelands; 
  • on the other hand, the valorisation of secondary resources and the circular economy. 

The winners will be announced at the end of September 2018. A second round of applications is scheduled for 1 November 2018.