BRGM provides free online access to all the issues of its Geosciences magazine.
15 May 2020
Covers of the latest issues of Geosciences journal

Covers of the latest issues of Geosciences journal.


During the lockdown period, BRGM is providing free online access to the entire collection of its scientific magazine Geosciences. Twenty-two issues and two special editions are currently available on the BRGM website.

Natural hazards, climate change, mineral resources, water resources and more – each issue deals with the different facets of a given subject in the field of Earth sciences.

BRGM's 60th anniversary special edition: the key role of the geosciences in the challenges of tomorrow

The latest special edition of Géosciences, published in 2019 to mark BRGM's 60th anniversary, is now available in full.

Focusing on six major societal issues concerning the subsurface, this special edition explores geology and knowledge of the subsurface, management of groundwater, risks and spatial planning, mineral resources and the circular economy, energy transition and the subsurface, digital data and infrastructure.