With redesigned content and graphics, new user paths, BRGM's website has been completely overhauled to better meet the needs of its audiences.
15 January 2021
BRGM's new website, launched in January 2021

BRGM's new website, launched in January 2021.

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Meeting the needs of a wide range of audiences

Public partners and authorities, companies, researchers, students, teachers and pupils, journalists, citizen's groups and citizens: BRGM's website is aimed at a wide range of audiences.

More than 800 pages are available in French and in English: from our scientific challenges to our service offer, from our data to our references and projects, as well as many popularised subjects to discover the Earth Sciences, and of course all our news.

BRGM's new website

BRGM's website has been completely redesigned to better meet its users' needs.